Musasa offers psycho-social support from all its offices and shelters to women and girls whowalk in to our centres or over the phone. Musasa offers individual, couples’ and group counselling and provides experts in children’s counselling in special cases. Musasa also reaches out to women in rural areas by providing mobile counselling services. Musasa also offers training to other organisations and community members.

Medical assistance

Sometimes, GBV survivors require emergence medical treatment for injuries inflicted on them. Musasa ensures that women and girls who have encountered GBV access medical treatment expeditiously. If a person has been raped, Musasa ensures that they access Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) within 72 hours to prevent sexually transmitted infections and HIV infection.


The coming into law of the Domestic Violence Act in 2007 is one of the milestones stemming from the organization’s efforts. To date, Musasa has targeted its advocacy to ensure that this law among others is effectively implemented.

Legal Aid

Musasa has resident lawyers and paralegals who offer legal advice and assist survivors to do all legal drafting for all court processes on GBV cases. Musasa offers assistance for women seeking protection orders in accordance with the Domestic Violence Act, maintenance, inheritance matters, custody and accessmatters.

Toll Free Line Support

Musasa offers a 24 hour help line for survivors of gender based violence which can be reached fromanywhere in Zimbabwe by an Econet subscriber. A trained counsellor is available to offer counselling and basic legal advice over the phone to women and girls.

Shelter Services

Musasa provides temporary safe shelters to GBV survivors. The purpose of the safe shelter is to keep the survivor and at times her children from any further potential harm from the perpetrator with the aim of supporting her in dealing with the traumatic experience while assisting in any long term steps that a survivor wishes to take as well as equiping them with life skills.