A society in which all women and girls are free from gender based violence and are able to fully participate in    development.



To work towards ending gender-based violence, with particular focus on women and girls targeting groups in society to change retrogressive beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, laws and policies in order to end gender based violence.



Equality and Non Discrimination 

Musasa works towards the full participation of women. Women’s equality ensures a more peaceful and prosperous society for women, men and children. As Musasa we believe that an equal society brings fulfillment in each individual.  Employing and promoting feminist values toward the full equality of all people, Musasa is against all discriminations based on gender, sexual orientation, class, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, marital status, physical or mental ability, language, or other factors. 


Musasa strives to maintain a safe space, free from violence and discrimination. It is dedicated to ensure that women are safe from mental and physical harm. The flagship shelter program that Musasa has, is work towards providing safety for women among other programs. 


Musasa believes in the power of women to decide their present and future hence Musasa has a strong arm in advocacy. The movement towards equality requires social change. Musasa works with women to identify barriers to equality and advocate for change in the communities. We work to create positive change and keep women’s issues in the forefront of the public and the government’s minds by bringing forward issues as they affect women through evidence based research. 


Musasa believes in the dignity and worth of every woman. Every woman has the right to be heard, a right to choose and a right to participate fully in the social and economic spheres of her life free from violence. We strive to increase the sense of self-worth and self-confidence of every woman that is connected in any manner to Musasa. 

Transparency and Accountability 

Musasa acknowledges and applies honesty, transparency and accountability at all levels of its work.  In all its interactions, Musasa strives for responsible use of resources, fairness, integrity, openness and accountability and therefore maintains necessary mechanisms in its operations.  Musasa believes in the power of and is open to constructive criticisms. Musasa will proactively provide the full information needed for collaboration, cooperation and collective decision making.

Safeguarding Principles 

We deliver our service and conduct our business with clear, professional policies and procedures that take into respect client and staff confidentiality, safety, and well-being. We hold ourselves accountable to our actions because we know that the way that we deliver our service and the way we treat our clients has implications beyond our walls.